Some changes have been made…

I finally finished the bulk of changes I’ve wanted to make to my site for some time. All I have left is a few positional tweaks to make and it’ll be fine.

Currently, I don’t have any of my projects up yet because I just switched to a new way of organizing my WordPress site. I should have them all up within the week.

You might also notice that you can now leave comments on my posts. I added this feature because in the coming weeks I will be writing a series of articles on various aspects of game development. Right now, my topics are:

1. The Future of Games: Can Games Impact your Life?

2. The Hopeful Future of Flow

3. What is Fun?

4. Iterative Design

Over the next few weeks I will be conducting research, interviews, and writing various drafts concerning these topics. You should see a final post concerning one of those topics every two weeks or so.


If you’d like to help with the research, please answer this survey.

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