Some changes have been made…

I finally finished the bulk of changes I’ve wanted to make to my site for some time. All I have left is a few positional tweaks to make and it’ll be fine.

Currently, I don’t have any of my projects up yet because I just switched to a new way of organizing my WordPress site. I should have them all up within the week.

You might also notice that you can now leave comments on my posts. I added this feature because in the coming weeks I will be writing a series of articles on various aspects of game development. Right now, my topics are:

1. The Future of Games: Can Games Impact your Life?

2. The Hopeful Future of Flow

3. What is Fun?

4. Iterative Design

Over the next few weeks I will be conducting research, interviews, and writing various drafts concerning these topics. You should see a final post concerning one of those topics every two weeks or so.


If you’d like to help with the research, please answer this survey.


I finally got my blog and gallery working, for the most part. I’ll post the links to the tutorials I used later. I couldn’t have done it without em, that’s for sure.
Plus I got this nifty little app for my Droid which let’s me post blogs from my phone. (What I’m using right now) I’ll have to see if it let’s me edit my gallery, etc.

Next stop, E3!